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Who Doesn’t Need a Refresh or Add-on?

Let’s explore ideas together!

Why Renovate, Remodel or Create an Addition to Your House?

As homes get older and your needs and styles change, the structures may need to be updated or replaced with a new renovation (remodeling) or addition to the place you call home. Renovations are a way to refresh a home to make it more aesthetically pleasing or comfortable.

Perhaps areas of your home are outdated, broken, or damaged. Or your home might need to be more energy-efficient, green or sustainable, or meet personal preferences.

Helping Create All Additions, Renovations and Remodels 

This is where Joshua Younng of comes in. Armed with his years of experience and broad knowledge in the construction field, will take on renovations of all sizes. Typically, it is more cost-efficient to change an existing home than to purchase a new one and move.

I will meet with you in your home to discuss ideas to refresh or do an add-on to your home.  


Small remodels might be something like refinishing cabinets, changing out windows, adding a backsplash, or putting in new floorings. A more involved remodel includes a total kitchen remodel with new appliances, cabinets, countertop, backsplash, lighting, and flooring. Costs vary according to the quality of materials used and the depth of your requests.

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Additions are a very popular consideration as your family grows and changes (new baby anyone?). Perhaps a wall can be torn down to increase space in your kitchen or bath, or to make room for an office or playroom. Additions may be needed for a bedroom, bathroom, a place to study, or a wine bar. Perhaps a basement or attic can be converted to usable space for exercising, a theater room, a spare bedroom, or a second area in your home for entertaining.

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Who Doesn’t Need a Refresh or Add-on?

Let’s explore ideas together!
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